Grow Your Law Group



Let’s be honest, we’re law students and we already have no time to brief every case before class.  The key to success of a law student for life group is partnership with other organizations like the Federalist Society, Christian Legal Society, Christian Law Association, Thomas Moore Society, or any other groups on your campus whose viewpoints or missions intersect with your pro-life law group.

By hosting events with more than one organization you can grow the size and impact of your group. It is important that you advertise heavily for each event so students are aware of it; remember law students are busy.  We want them to plan in advance to attend. At your events, be prepared to talk to students about when you have general meetings, what your group does, the opportunities available to them through Law Students for Life of America and how they can get involved. Have a handout prepared to give to students at your events containing all of this information.


Law schools are typically quite liberal and progressive in their political thinking.  It will be difficult in some situations and it is our hope that you reach out to us when you face prosecution for your views.  We are here to help you with every step forward

In the legal profession, the political climate can be intimidating. However, our generation is charged with the duty to stand strong and end abortion.  We are called to be abortion abolitionists!


As aspiring attorneys you can offer many important skills to the pro-life movement.  Every state in the United States of America has an affiliate of National Right to Life, Personhood USA and countless other pro-life advocacy groups that always need an extra hand.  Get in touch with local congressional members and senate offices.  If they are pro-life get involved in their outreach programs and further commit them to the cause for life.  If they are pro-choice, work to engage them in a conversation about abortion and approach them with common sense pro-life arguments.

Be engaged, educate your campus, and transform society!


  • Post flyers around campus advertising your group and meetings
  • Tell your friends about what you do, get them to be engaged.
  • Keep contact names, emails, and phone numbers. Keep the members posted on upcoming events and meetings.
  • Keep connected with other organizations, such as Christian Legal Society or the Federalist Society, that may share similar convictions as you, and see if their members would like to join the Law Students for Life group, or begin Pro-life Committees within their existing groups supported by Law Students for Life of America.