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Healthcare for the Disadvantaged

The moral test of society is how they treat those who are in the womb, the children, the aged, the sick, the poor, and the handicapped. We know health care in the United States has become incredibly expensive due to government mandates and regulations. A pro-life response to healthcare disparity is to provide free or reduced medical services paid for by non-profits and churches. These types of services are being provided all across the country in urban, suburban and rural areas. While there are numerous organizations meeting the needs of underserved populations, click here for just a few examples of medical practitioners on the front-lines of providing pro-life medical care and/or referrals to patients.

Contraception + Plan B

It’s not breaking news that many oral contraceptives and some invasive barrier methods (IUD) have been proven to cause abortionincluding the highly controversial ella and Plan B drugs. But what about contraception that prevents conception from taking place? This question is a hard one to answer, which is why many avoid it: What is the pro-life stance on contraception, including methods that prevent conception?  Click here to read more…

Natural Family Planning

At its core, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is really learning about this language of the sexual powers by observing, recording and interpreting the bodily signs of human fertility. In other words, NFP is fertility awareness, the knowledge of a couple’s fertility, and is a means of reading the body’s signs of fertility and infertility.  Read more here.

Perinatal Hospice

When you can test, but not cure…

The rapid explosion of prenatal testing has left the ethical implications lagging far behind. In light of a poor prenatal diagnosis, an increasing number of parents are turning to medical teams who can help these couples make an empowered choice–parenting their child for as long as his or her condition permits.  Learn more here.

Abortion Techniques + Complications

Medical Students for Life believes that informed consent is a core tenet of quality healthcare. Physicians should provide a fair, balanced, and ACCURATE description of abortion.

Abortion Complications
Risks of Abortion

Stem Cell Research