June 17 – 23: Medical Ethics in the 21st Century: An Intensive Seminar for MD Candidate

This seminar will examine the most important ethical questions that arise in the everyday practice of medicine. The
framework of its analysis will be the theory of natural law that developed from the synthesis of ancient Greek thought (including the Hippocratic corpus) with Judaism and then Christianity. This framework will be contrasted with principlism and consequentialism as participants consider what sort of practice medicine is, whether it has a rational end or goal, and how medicine and the goods that medicine seeks fit within the broader scope of human goods. In the end, participants will develop intellectual tools that have for hundreds of years helped physicians discern how to
practice medicine well (to be a good physician) in the face of medicine’s moral and clinical complexities.

Faculty Include:

  • Farr Curlin, University of Chicago
  • Christopher Tollefsen, University of South Carolina

Guest Speaker: 
Donald Landry, Columbia University Medical Center

Topics Include:
• doctor-patient relationship
• autonomy and decision-making
• conscience and medical practice
• intention and human action
• proportionality
• human dignity
• sexuality and reproduction
• beginning of life issues
• disability
• death and end of life car

Visit www.winst.org/medicalethics.html for more information, or direct questions to Patrick Hough at hough@winst.org.

Medical Ethics Seminar 2012

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