Lives Changed: National Pro-Life Generation Sidewalk Day

On Saturday, August 5th Students for Life of America organized our 2nd National Pro-Life Gen Sidewalk Day at abortion facilities all across America.  Our goal was simple: train Students for Life leaders to go courageously where abortion is happening and reach out to women in crisis, showing them that they have other options.

In Missouri, our student leaders were able to report at least two “turnarounds.” At least two women were planning on going into the abortion facility but instead chose to go to a pro-life pregnancy resource center’s mobile unit instead! They also passed out hundreds of fliers informing people of their options and help they could receive if they chose life.

Here is what our Missouri Director reported about the two successful turnarounds: “The first car pulled up and when we asked what they were coming in for they said a pregnancy and STI test, so we told them there was free testing across the street at the pregnancy center’s mobile unit. While they pulled out of the driveway to the side of the street, another car pulled up and was seeking pregnancy testing so she parked her car in the street, and we walked her over to the mobile unit too!” Our students convinced these young women to avoid going into the Planned Parenthood where they would likely be counseled to have an abortion if the pregnancy test was indeed positive. Instead, they heard real, life-affirming options.

Sidewalking counseling is an important tactic that Students for Life of America encourages all of our the groups we serve to participate in. Our student leaders can be the last face a mother in need sees before she enters the abortion facility. They can be the last line of defense in protecting life and helping women see they have other, better options. While we know we cannot change every person’s mind, we know we are called to be there to stand and speak for those who have no voice.

To learn more about how to be an effective sidewalk counselor, contact your Students for Life of America Regional Coordinator here or contact our friends at Sidewalk Advocates for Life here.