Let me be clear by Kristan Hawkins


Last night, things changed in the race for the presidency. These indeed are unprecedented times in the history of our nation.

But no matter who you are rooting for in November, there is one thing I think each of us has to keep in mind: Politics won’t save them.

While many of us use our voting power to elect those who share our values and we hope will help us save as many innocent lives as possible, our answer, our win, doesn’t come from politics.

It has and always will be culture. As our culture changes, so does our politics and the positions of those who run for office.

And that’s what we are uniquely positioned to do at Students for Life.

We change culture.

Everyday we are on campus, educating, persuading, and mobilizing young people to join our human rights mission, no matter what their background.

And it’s working.

In a new poll that Students for Life will be releasing in just a couple of weeks, we will show you just that. Despite what many in the national media may want you to think, this generation not only thinks abortion is morally wrong but a majority believes abortion should be almost completely illegal.

So join us and renew your commitment to our mission today.

Our plans for this fall are bigger than ever. We will reach 1,000 active groups across the nation. And Planned Parenthood is already plotting their next move, and we’ve got to be there on campus, right where they target young people, countering them at every step.

Take heart and don’t despair. Science is on our side. Truth is on our side. History is on our side. No matter what happens in Washington, our mission always remains the same, until that day when both political parties are tripping over themselves to out “pro-life” each other, until that day when abortion becomes unthinkable and obsolete.

And that mission is winning because of you and your dedication.