Indictments Thrown Out Against Undercover Journalists in Texas!

In a big win for citizen journalists everywhere, the Harris County District Attorney’s office dismissed all the charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for their undercover work exposing Planned Parenthood for their illegal baby parts for-profit scheme.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said the following:

“David Daleiden’s courage and fortitude to expose the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, should have been met with immediate investigation and prosecution of the baby parts profit-making scheme by the Harris County District Attorney. Yet, it was David instead of Planned Parenthood who took the heat for daring to show the nation what our tax dollars have been funding. Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable for their horrendous business practices of betraying their clients and selling their babies piece-by-piece for profit. We need to get to the bottom of why rampant corruption occurred during the investigation in Harris County. The DA made a mockery of the office, colluded with an organization that should have had its employees arrested and charged for criminal conduct, and indicted a journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood.

“David Daleiden is a hero, and we are thrilled that these scam indictments have rightly been tossed. This is a huge win for all citizen journalists whose First Amendment rights were upheld today.”