Hillary Clinton calls a fetus an “unborn person”; Planned Parenthood freaks out

The audible gasp of Planned Parenthood and their allies in the abortion industry when Hillary Clinton called a developing baby in the womb an “unborn person” on Meet the Press could be hear throughout the social media realm.

Diana Arellano, community engagement manager for Planned Parenthood of Illinois, tweeted out this gem:

Planned Parenthood made headlines when they endorsed Hillary Clinton in January. It was their first endorsement in a primary and they previewed that the organization would be spending $20 million to elect her.

Looks like they took quite a ding to their investment.

Our stellar Executive Vice President, Tina Whittington, talked to the New York Times yesterday about what Mrs. Clinton said and also made a great video in response to her quote:

“I was actually pretty surprised, because usually when you hear her talk it’s about the fetus,” said Tina Whittington, executive vice president of Students for Life. “To acknowledge it’s a human person, a human child, to us it’s huge.”

Hillary Clinton’s views on abortion are radical and completely out of the mainstream but we are happy she acknowledged that the baby is just that. It’s a start.