School Funding

Most schools have funding available to student groups from the student activities fees they collect. Every group has equal rights to these fees. The process for accessing them varies with each school, but it is usually done through either the student government or student affairs. Check your school’s website or student handbook for information on the process at your school.

These funds can be instrumental in your achieving success as a group. They are often available for things such as speakers, printing and group travel, though you will have to be a registered student organization to apply. However, do not count exclusively on funding from the school. Money is limited and there will be strict guidelines regarding what the student fees will or will not fund. Develop a fundraising plan in case you are unable to get enough funding from the school.

Check with representatives from the student government or school administration to understand the policies, requirements and deadlines to apply for funding. Be careful to follow the rules precisely. Have someone else check your work. Do not give the school a technical reason to deny you funding. If you think you are not being given access to school funds because of your pro-life values, email SFLA for help.