Help Pregnant Students

When faced with an unintended or crisis pregnancy, many students feel forced to choose between continuing their education or raising their child. Too often, pregnant and parenting students feel like they have nowhere to turn in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. Students do not know of the resources available to them.

Getting students connected to local Pregnancy Help Centers can make all the difference! It is important that you know where all of your Pregnancy Help Centers are located so you know where to direct them. Use Optionline’s PHC locator to find a Pregnancy Help Center near you! If you know a student who has become pregnant, it is imperative that they feel loved and supported. They need to hear the message, “You can do it!” By getting pregnant students connected to your local PHC, they can get all of the encouragement and resources they need!

Holding baby showers or a fundraiser for a new mom is another way to help students who become pregnant. Check out our events page for more information on how to host a baby shower or other event to help a new mom.

Another great way to help a pregnant or parenting students is to offer free babysitting so they can go to class or work. Daycare is very expensive and can be intimidating for a new mom. Offering to babysit is a quick and easy way to help a new mom!

For more information on how to help pregnant and parenting students, please email Beth O’Malley at