Groups of the Month

don't back downIt’s not easy trying to break through the apathy and ignorance at your high school! We know that you are challenged daily in your efforts to overcome the Culture of Death. Let’s be honest. What you are doing on your campus is incredible, and we honor and applaud your efforts!

Each month, Students for Life of America recognizes outstanding groups who have taken on their schools and their communities with passion, persistence, and courage. These groups have faced persecution on campus. They have held impressive events. They have changed hearts and literally saved lives! Each group is unique, but all are impressive! Please read about our Groups of the Month, and be encouraged that you too can turn the tide at your high school.

Spring 2014

  • January 2014 (National Award): Branford Students for Life (High School Group of the Year)
  • February 2014: Zachary Students for Life, Wilson Students for Life
  • March 2014: Branford Students for Life

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

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