Fundraising 101

Kennesaw State Students for Life Bake SaleFundraising can sound intimidating but can be very simple. It’s important before you start fundraising to have a budget and fundraising plan. This will ensure that there will be money to do important events throughout the year. It is a key part to your work in abolishing abortion. Don’t worry, you aren’t begging people for money. You are giving them the opportunity to work alongside you in the greatest human rights struggle our world has ever known.

Let’s get started!

1) BUDGET! BUDGET! BUDGET! Chances are your club will need to do a lot of fundraising. Even if you do receive money from your student government, it will probably not be enough. It is very important to plan ahead for the events you will need to fundraise for. Make a budget for your group and stick to it. Always have an itemized budget to show your student government before asking for funding. Need help making a budget for your group? Click here. 

2) Make a fundraising plan. Once you have a budget you need a plan for how you are going to achieve your group goals. Decide how often you will need to fundraise and your goal for each event.  If you need help developing a fundraising plan, or want more tips and advice, ask your SFLA Regional Coordinator!

3) Start with your own contacts. Every member of your group should start with their family and friends. Go through your personal address book. Ask your parents and grandparents. Think of pro-lifers you know from your own community. Contact them and see if they would be willing to help you save lives by invest in your pro-life group on your campus.

4) Contact local churches and ministries and explain to them your mission. Be sure to present them with clear goals and contact information. Ask if you can collect money after each service for a week or two. When people donate collect their contact information so that you can keep them updated on events you will be hosting. You should also send letters to your church back home. Explain to them the mission of your club and ask if they would be willing to put something in the bulletin about your club, asking people to send donations if they are able.

5) Call alumni of your university. Some schools have had pro-life clubs in the past that teetered out. Contact the former members, explain your mission, and see if they would be willing to help your club financially.

6) Ask local businesses, especially those who are family-run or religious. Contact them and see if they are willing to help you financially or donate food or office supplies to be used at your meetings.

7) Hold a fundraising event – You can plan an event specifically focused on raising money for your group, such as bake sales, concerts, car washes, etc. These events can also serve as an advertisement for your group!

 8) Partner with local pro-life organizations – Ask local pro-life organizations to sponsor your group or even co-host an event with you.

DON’T FORGET:  It is important to promptly thank everyone who gives you a donation, as well as it being imperative to build relationships. Always act for contact information when collecting money so that you can send them a personalized thank you card. Keep donors updated with your group and invite them to events, no matter how big or small their donations are.

Once your group is successfully following these fundraising tips you are ready for our Advanced Fundraising Tips, click here. 

To request a FREE, comprehensive fundraising training from SFLA staff, click here.