Debates & Panel Discussions

Debates and Panel Discussions are excellent ways to reach out to the academic community at your school.

Step by Step Guide

1. Get in touch with a pro-choice group from your school or community, and ask members to meet with you to discuss the possibility of having a debate. Bring a list of topics to the meeting so that you can choose a topic that interests both sides. Stand to Reason has developed a list of title ideas for debates that is available for you to download.

2. Find your speaker. You can bring a pro-life speaker who is local to your school to save funds, or you can bring a more well-known pro-life speaker. Some well known pro-life debaters:

3. Advertise your event well! Invite other school political groups to attend your event. Ask your teachers to tell all their students about the event. Put fliers up at school, chalk, and use word of mouth and Facebook to get the word out about the event.

4. Educate yourself about the topic of debate, so that after the speakers are done debating you can ask informed, thought-provoking questions. In addition, educating yourself will help you reach out to students who are interested in your group leading up to and after the time of your event.

5. Be respectful! During this type of event, you will have attendees from both sides. Be respectful and intelligent when you stand up for your beliefs. This will give a positive face to your pro-life group and to the pro-life movement in general.