School Canvassing

School canvassing can be an important part of growing your group and identifying pro-lifers at your school to help you with large events/campaigns, signing petitions, or showing support in the case that a major issue arises. Canvassing can be time consuming but planning ahead and delegating out tasks can reduce the workload. It is suggested that your group do this activity at least once a year in the fall semester.

2 ways to canvass: 

  • Hand out literature about your group or an issue and get the name and contact information for each pro-lifer. If a student is pro-life but doesn’t want to be involved,  explain that you still need their information in case something really important comes up at your school and you need their support.
  • Head to the cafeteria on the busiest of lunch and dinner hours with clipboards, pens, literature, and sign-up sheets and ask students if they are pro-life, hand out literature, and capture the names and contact information for each pro-lifer.