Abortion Myths and Facts Poster Campaign

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Compile a list of common abortion myths and their corresponding facts that you wish to make known at your school.  You can target commonly held beliefs at your school, or you can use the examples on the Second Look Project’s website.
  2. Use your list to either create posters for your project or order them from the Project
  3. Set up your display in high traffic areas at school where many others will see the posters using easels or display cases.  Plan to have several group members stay near the display throughout the day to answer questions from other students and also to record any opposition.
  4. Educate yourself about the topic of your posters so that you will be able reach out to students who are interested in your group leading up to and after the time of your event.  Being informed will also help you address students who have questions about your posters.
  5. Save your posters to use again!