Where’s the Freedom?

We are extremely saddened by the profoundly wrong decision of the Supreme Court on the new health care law, and disappointed that they have endorsed the government’s unconstitutional ability to force all Americans to not only purchase a product they may or may not want but subsidize abortions. We will continue to fight to repeal this unprecedented expansion of government abortion funding because we respect the rights of conscience, whether or not they are defended by those charged with their protection. We call on all pro-lifers to sign SFLA’s I Vote Pro-Life First pledge at www.ivoteprolifefirst.com, which says that a candidate’s stance on the life issue will be the most important issue when casting their votes in November. This is the only way we be able to ensure that this injustice will not happen again by electing those who will only appoint and confirm future Supreme Court justices who will uphold the God-given rights of every American, born and Preborn.