90% Growth at Life139!

Life139 training

The mission of Life139 is “to promote the awareness of the injustices of abortion, inspire positive action, and equip students to defend the value of human life.” In the months of January and February, this student group certainly fulfilled their mission at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee!

Life139 training

Life139 exemplifies what it means to be an effective pro-life group, providing an ever-peaceful presence at Union that is always open to dialogue. Although they are well educated on the life issue, they are always eager to learn more and sharpen their apologetic’s skills. In addition to having peaceful conversations with others about the pro-life message, Life139 also arranged and/or participated in the following activities:

  • 2017 March for LifeLife139
  • SFLA National Conference
  • Evangelicals for Life Conference
  • Defund PP call hosted by David Bereit
  • Spoke at the SFLA Supreme Court Rally
  • An Instagram contest in order to increase followers, gaining them a 90% INCREASE in the number of followers and awarded a Starbucks gift card to a random winner!
  • A spring semester kickoff event called “Friends ‘n Floats: Have a float, make friends, and hear what Life139 is all about!”. They announced the winner of the Instagram contest at this event.
  • A Sidewalk Counseling Training
  • Protest PP Rally in Memphis and were seen on the local news

Life139 is incredibly organized, with a strong following that meets regularly. They designed and produced their own beautiful group t-shirts, and are incorporating a Life139 Historian Role into the group so that future members can learn from their mistakes and succeLife139 newssses. This group continues to show high momentum through flyering to educate their campus about life, and they have scheduled a stop in March for the WDNPP tour.

But their plans for exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood and spreading the pro-life message don’t just stop there! Life139 President, Andrew Edmiston, has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experiences with other nearby colleges in order to encourage them to start their own pro-life groups on campus. This is definitely showing the leadership needed to continue the rise of the pro-life generation!