Event-in-a-Box: Tips for Flyering & Social Media


  • Make sure that the images and text is clear, easy to read, and appropriate for your audience.
  • Post your flyers all over campus in public, high traffic areas. Dorm buildings, cafeterias, libraries, student unions, and even bathrooms can all be good places.
  • Always ask for permission before posting a flyer.
  • If your flyer is torn down (without authority or justification), post a new one in its place.

Social Media

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Change your profile picture to a pro-life graphic for a couple days or even for the whole month.
  • Share these images with your friends and family by posting on their Facebook walls or tweeting.
  • Add action phrases such as “LIKE,” “SHARE,” and “RETWEET” to your graphics so that more people can see these messages and share them with others.

 **Consider developing a schedule for when to post each image (whether this be for flyering or on social media). Pick TWO images a week to cover your campus in and to flood your social networks.