Students for Life of America National Conference Testimonials

Here is what attendees are saying about the SFLA National Conference…

Melissa Pereira, Caldwell College NJ
“Despite adversities that we may face on campus the SFLA Conference geared us up with the tools needed to overcome these challenges, allowing us to effectively put what we learned into action at our schools. My spirit felt renewed and refueled after the SFLA Conference and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.”

Sean Maguire, Liberty University 
“Starting a pro-life group on campus, I didn’t really know what I was up against.  I felt very discouraged and alone. When I went to SFLA Annual Conference I saw the sheer magnitude of students who were fighting for the same goal, and I was so uplifted! Even before any of the great workshops or speakers I was built up in my spirit, and I knew that I would never be alone in this effort.  I was given so many resources that I was able to take back and share with my club leaders and my school – what I learned by attending the SFLA Conference is still having an effect on my club!

Erin Biermacher, Michigan State University
“The Students for Life of America Conference is a very informative, helpful, and fun event to attend. I have been to the conference the last three years and have walked away with very useful tips and ideas for my own Students for Life group. I have taken ideas and implemented them into my pro life work and have had amazing results. I am so thankful that I was able to attend these conferences. They are a wonderful resource that’s not only very educational, but a great opportunity to meet and talk with other pro lifers across the country!”

Laura Peters, University of Alabama 
“SFLA’s annual conference is the equivalent of one-stop shopping for all things pro-life.  Between the packed agenda & the extremely large quantity of booths representing organizations across the entire spectrum of the movement, it is the single most informative pro-life event I’ve ever attended.  It’s a must for any student looking for information, resources & opportunities to enable them to catapult their activism to the next level.”

Kelsey Hazzard, University of Virginia School of Law 
”SFLA president Kristan Hawkins is fond of saying that ‘Young people aren’t just the future of the pro-life movement, they are the pro-life movement.’  At last year’s conference, she put those words into practice by placing me on a panel with several older, more experienced pro-life leaders.  My presentation was well-received, and the experience boosted my confidence.  I’m looking forward to the 2011 Annual Conference!”

Kate Edwards, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 
“The SFLA conference, through speakers, workshops and networking, gave me the tools I needed to go back to campus and recruit and inspire others to join the Pro-life Movement. I met so many amazing Pro-Life students from schools all over the US and truly value the experiences I shared with them at the conference.”

Erin Biermacher, Michigan State Students for Life
“The Students for Life of America Conference was the best conference I have ever been to. The speakers all had wonderful things to say and were very moving. Before I went to the conference, I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting a lot of speakers and a lot of down time. This was not the case at all. The conference had tons of pro-lifers and many workshops to choose from. Being pro-life can be very intimidating, because it feels like we are alone. However, after the conference, I realized how many people there are in this world who care for the unborn, and it was a life altering experience.”

Charissa Lloyd, UNC-Chapel Hill Students for Life 
“The SFLA conference is your one chance per year to meet hundreds of other pro-life student activists from all over the country, hear the latest success stories, and learn new strategies for defending life on your campus. It has inspired me to become much more active in the pro-life movement, and I am excited to see the same thing happening for so many other students. Please don’t miss it!”

Billy Valentine, Franciscan University Students for Life
“The Students for Life of America Conference is an awesome opportunity to hear all-star pro-life speakers, network with like-minded pro-life activists from across the country, and get the training needed to change the hearts and minds of our generation to protect the unborn and women.”

Danny Cogurt, William & Mary Students for Life
“This is an incredible conference and an amazing opportunity to learn more about the pro-life movement, from all its different angles. Just seeing hundreds of pro-life college students is incredibly inspiring.”