Thanks for everything that you do at SFLA!

I am fourteen, and I received one of your April event-in-a-box packages in the mail.

I knew then that I had to hold a voter registration drive at my church. My younger brother and I pretty much organized and executed the entire thing.

I was so excited to do it, but my excitement started to dwindle, after emailing other parishioners to help volunteer.

Turns out, after emailing 80+ people about it, I got one other volunteer. Nevertheless, we held the drive anyway on May 5th and 6th.

We were able to go to our church after five Masses that weekend, and we passed out over 100 postcards, got about 150 signatures on our banner, almost ran out of stickers, and passed out nine voter registration applications (one of which we registered right there and then!).

We did get a little opposition, from people who said that being pro-life shouldn’t have been the first thing we talked about and some started rooting for certain candidates who aren’t the most pro-life. (Imagine! Opposition in a Catholic Church! Unheard of!)

Anyway, the drive was a HUGE success. We even got some donations for SFLA, which we are going to send in the mail. We are also going to go to other Christian churches (and one synagogue) to do the same thing. Thanks for everything you do at SFLA!

Keep up the good work!