Life Begins at Conception

I received an email about a production the SFLA is doing about surviving abortion.  I am a survivor with, what I think is, an important reason that ultrasounds should be required prior to considering abortion.  I am a twin, my mom is a twin and I wanted twins.  I found out I was pregnant while I was in college and I thought I could not deal with having a baby. I had an abortion.  I was feeling very sick about two weeks later and I went back to the doctor that did my abortion.  It turned out that I was still pregnant!  I had been pregnant with twins!  I was devastated!  I would have borne the shame and told my parents and had my twins if I had known.  Woman need to be completely informed about what is going on inside her body before she can make an informed decision.  Abortion is wrong and I believe if women were to have an ultrasound, they would see that life growing inside them and they would reject the lie that the “choice” people push.  Life begins at conception!