How to Promote Speakers On Your Campus


1.)    The best way to get the most students to attend your event is to go to professors, tell them about your speaker, and ask if they’ll give extra credit to students who attend and write an essay about it.  You may also want to include the speaker’s biography to give to the professors.  You’ll have a better chance of getting professors to agree to this if you target the classes that relate to the topic your speaker is presenting.

2.)    Advertise the event.  Hang up posters and flyers around your campus.  Make extras, as they may be torn down.  Certain speakers have posters readily available on their website.  Check with your speaker to see if this is the case.

3.)    Contact the local Right to Life affiliate, the local Crisis pregnancy Centers, as well as local churches to let them know about your event.  If you haven’t had much contact with these organizations in the past this could serve as a great way to introduce your club and open communications with organizations that can serve as great resources for your club.

4.)    You should also make sure the College Republicans, Democrats for Life, and Christian groups on campus are invited.