Get Educated

Being an abortion abolitionist means that you need to learn everything that you can about the tragedy of abortion because you will be the greatest advocate the pre-born and their mothers have on your campus. Learning how to defend and express the pro-life position in a calm, caring, and persuasive manner is the key to changing hearts and minds. Use these pages to start learning about abortion and the pro-life movement.

Just the basics

The Abortion Industry

Exceptions & Hard Cases

Beyond Abortion

Movies, Papers, & more

Looking for more ways to “Get Educated?” At the 2014 SFLA National Conference, SFLA hosted a number of world-renown pro-life speakers to help you become equipped to Be to Revolution on your college campus! You can watch the videos from our general sessions and learn more about being a Abortionist Abolitionist here. Here is one of our favorites:

Stephanie Gray – Answering the “I am Pro-Life but…”