Case Western Pro-Life

Dear Students for Life staff,

I’d like to share a success story with you from Cleveland, Ohio. Case Western Pro-Life (or Case for Life), of which I am the president, brought in Dr. Clement Persaud (thanks to your very handy list of guest speakers) to speak at Case Western Reserve University during the first week of November. Through the help of a couple other pro-life organizations in the area, we were able to also book him for 6 other presentations in the area! A few days after he returned home, Dr. Persaud received an email from the president of one of the high schools at which he had lectured. He said that a senior girl had come into his office and told him that she had had an abortion about a month ago. She had really hardened her heart against God’s voice and refused to admit her wrong. However, during Dr. Persaud’s presentation, and during the moments of silence before the prayer that he lead afterwards, she realized that something needed to change. She has now repented and has begun what looks to be a new and wonderful relationship with Jesus! Praise God!

On this day of great thanks, I would just like to thank you for all the incredible work you do. Without you, I would never have found Dr. Persaud, and perhaps this girl’s heart would never have been changed. I also had the amazing privilege of getting to know Kortney Blythe, who skyped and emailed with me as I got this group up and running. We also skyped her in for our second meeting of the semester, and she gave us tips on talking to students on campus and on sidewalk counseling. May God rest her soul, and may He bless all of you abundantly!

In Christ,

Alena Merimee
Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Institute of Music ’12