Cigarette graphics: What about abortion?


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This week, the FDA announced new restrictions on cigarette packages, forcing manufacturers to feature prominent graphic images on the front of every cigarette package to warn smokers of harmful effects that smoking can have on their health and those around them.

When picking up their cigarette packages, smokers will see pictures of a man blowing smoke out of a hole in his neck, a smoker’s mouth riddled with cancer, a baby under a cloud of smoke, and a deceased man, among other colored graphics.

The nine new graphics, which will include phrases like “Warning: Cigarettes are addictive”, “Warning: Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in non-smokers”, and “Warning: Smoking During Pregnancy Can Harm Your Baby”, are due to appear on all cigarette packages by October 2012.

You can view the graphic warnings here:

This marks the biggest change in cigarette package warnings in over a quarter of a century and notes the shift in American public opinion about smoking.

Yet, what about abortion? Where are these warning labels?

Why is it that when the FDA decided to allow the sale and distribution of ella, the 5-day after-sex pill that has been proven to terminate pregnancies (i.e., it provides abortions), it didn’t require a black-box warning on the cover of the drug telling women it can kill your child if conception has already occurred?

Now, many folks have begun speaking out against the new FDA regulations on cigarette package. Some non-smokers are complaining that they don’t want to be bothered by unsettling pictures that don’t apply to them, and smokers say they don¹t want to feel pressured or uncomfortable while exercising their freedom to purchase and use cigarettes.

I’m personally in favor of these graphic images. I think people should see the consequences of their decisions.

As a political conservative on most issues, I do worry about the over-reaching of the federal government and whether or not the FDA should have the right to impose such regulations in a free society.

However, that’s not the issue that keeps me up all night.

Abortion is.

Listening to the debate over the cigarette images was disturbing as I couldn¹t help but wonder why the FDA has decided to be so outspoken about cigarette smoking and not over abortion in America.

If you look at the statistics, it’s clear that abortion kills more Americans than smoking does.

Why is it that the issue of regulating abortion is one health issue the FDA won’t address?

Why shouldn’t abortion facilities be required to post pictures of aborted children in their windows or, at very least, on brochures given to each women who comes to the facility for an abortion?

How would people react then? What affect would this have on the abortion industry?

The truth is, too many people have labeled the abortion debate as too complicated, politically incorrect or, simply, “not my problem”.

The issues with breathing in harmful chemicals from a cigarette smoke seem much easier to solve now, but how has it has become more socially acceptable to highlight the harmful effects of smoking than to educate Americans on the biggest human rights tragedy our world has ever seen?

In the 1950s, smoking was acceptable everywhere. You could smoke on planes, in hospitals, on TV and in movies, and in the office and home.

This week, while visiting a children’s theme park with my sons, I noticed the “no smoking” signs prominently displayed throughout the park and arrows directing smokers to 3 gazebos away from children and crowds where smoking was permitted.

Smoking has become passé and is now looked down upon in many circles. And for good reason, I might add.

How can we do the same for abortion?

I think for starters, Americans should contact the FDA and ask them to “Put a Warning Label on Abortion” and require all abortion facilities and abortion-causing drugs to have graphic warnings that show the effects of abortion: one dead child and one wounded mother and family.

What You Can Do:

  1. Sign the petition to the FDA here:
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We hope you join with us in asking the FDA to help make abortion passé.