Christian Leadership Summit: “An encouraging and transformative experience.”

Students for Life of America hosted their 3rd annual Christian Leadership Summit this past weekend. Over two dozen pro-life student leaders from Christian and Catholic universities gathered together to participate in workshops with pro-life movement leaders, learn how to be a good leader and talk about how to transform their campuses to a culture of life.

This is one student’s personal testimony from the weekend. It is written by Danielle Moore Christian Leadership Summit2from John Paul the Great Catholic University in California.

The Christian Leadership Summit was an encouraging and transformative experience. In the midst of apathetic Christian college students, it was so refreshing to be surrounded by other students who stand up and fight for truth- all life is precious, even the unborn. This weekend provided me a unique opportunity to learn how to be a diligent and strong leader, one who is compassionate and kind, yet is enthusiastic and firm in their pursuit to make abortion unthinkable.

Those who gave the talks this weekend exemplified what it is like to be that kind of leader. I gained so many valuable skills and made so many good friends. I know that the connections I made here are ones that will help me grow as a leader by learning from them and vice versa.

If there was one talk that I will always remember and was my biggest take away, it was Lisa Stover’s [SFLA National Programs Coordinator] on Controversy. In her talk she said that the real problem lies with those who know the truth and choose to do nothing.

This is a huge issue on my campus and I know from speaking to other friends that it is an issue with theirs as well. What does apathy look like on campus? It is the student who agrees that abortion is wrong but never supports the cause.

Drawing parallels to Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight against discrimination and segregation from his Letter From A Birmingham Jail made our vision for making abortion unthinkable clear and tangible. It is so refreshing to know that there are organizations out there who take strategic and result-producing action against the injustice of abortion. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, even though we may not get the numbers we want to rise against this atrocity, because of apathy from those who agree with our cause, because we believe in the truth and justice we will win.

Like Kristan [Hawkins, SFLA President] said – we are on the winning side. History has proven time and time again that justice will overcome all obstacles. With God’s grace and help we will be able to accomplish much.