Cecile Richards, You Don’t Speak For Us!

The following is written by Michele Hendrickson, Capital Area Regional Coordinator for Students for Life of America

I’ve seen it before, Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic & Jesuit University in our country, rejecting the traditional Catholic values, such as the sanctity of human life, that are key elements of the doctrine they claim to uphold.  For example, The Hoyas for Choice student club on campus operates supposedly without official recognition by the University, yet they are seen tabling weekly on campus passing out condoms, “thanking” abortion providers, and promoting Planned Parenthood.

Today we watched as Georgetown University followed through with the unthinkable: Inviting Cecile Richards, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, to speak on campus.  This move not only implies a stamp of approval for the nation’s largest abortion vendor, selling about 897 abortions per day, but they’ve also spent the University’s time and resources on security and event staff for the day.  Oh, and of course, the Hoyas for Choice club was listed as a co-sponsor of the event!

In a bold and creative collaborative effort with Students for Life of America, the Georgetown Right to Life student-led club on campus responded in a big way proclaiming that they are the pro-life generation and Cecile Richards does not represent them.

The Right to Life Club set up multiple displays throughout the day and educated hundreds of their peers on not only the reality of abortion, but also exposed the truth about what Planned Parenthood really is.

Copley Lawn, at the entrance of Georgetown University, featured over 3,000 flags representing the estimated number of abortions in America per day.  As students walked onto campus, it was evident that pro-life voices were heard and the impGTOWN flagsact of abortion was gracefully shared with all who passed by.  Club members stood by tabling at the display the entire day.

For the morning hours, the club also hosted Students for Life of America’s We Don’t Need Planned Tour which drew a lot of attention in the center of campus at Red Square.  Conversations were fruitful and eye-opening.  Students were challenged with new information educating them on how Federally Qualified Health Centers far outrank Planned Parenthood in service quantity and quality, service locations, and number of patients served!

GTOWN displyStudents from neighboring schools even turned out to show their support.  “It was important for our group at George Mason to travel out to Georgetown to support them and the movement as a whole.  It’s our duty to speak up against abortion and the crimes Planned Parenthood has committed,” explained Lori Kostka, president of GMU Students for Life.

Around mid-day we troop-moved the display over directly in front of the building where Cecile Richards was scheduled to speak.  The line to enter her talk had already started forming and the attention immediately shifted to us, despite our display space being fenced off from the crowd.

Some students still managed to engage in conversation wiGTOWN line to get itno bldgth us, and with Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Director now Pro-Life Advocate.

After a long day in the sun, we still weren’t finished!  The Students for Life of America team and Georgetown Right to Life group headed over to Dahlgren Chapel where Abby Johnson shared her story of going from Employee of the Year and Director of her Planned Parenthood facility, to Pro-Life Advocate.  It was a powerful talk and the president of the Hoyas for Choice group attended!

There will be more to come on that later, but for now the message is clear:

Cecile Richards, you DO NOT represent our voice on campus.