January 2012: 1st Annual Conference on Medical Advances in Prenatal Diagnoses

Founding Partners: Medical Students for Life, Family Research Council & Keep Infants with Down Syndrome First Annual Conference on Medical Advances in Prenatal Diagnoses The Conference will bring together professionals from many different specialty areas, including genetic researchers, ob/gyn physicians, developmental pediatricians, hospital nursing staff, medical genetic counselors and medical students.  Other invited participants and guests include…

What is VOX Doing on YOUR Campus?

Just as Students for Life has vowed to train and equip students on college campuses across the country on how to spread the culture of Life within their communities, Planned Parenthood has been equally as forceful in their attempts to indoctrinate students with the culture of death on campuses from coast to coast with through VOX. VOX, the Latin word for “voice”, is Planned Parenthood’s “Voices of Choice” outlet for college students. Coupled with the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s recent publication of Exclaim! Young People’s Guide to ‘Sexual Rights: an IPPF Declaration – a handbook on sex for youth and teens – VOX continues to promote sex to college students and teenagers by hosting events such as vibrator races near heavily-trafficked areas of campus and Emergency Contraception Days, during which they tout abortion-causing hormonal pills.

Students for Life Joins Rep. Cliff Stearns in His Fight Against Planned Parenthood

Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala, is the famed Representative behind the most recent Planned Parenthood investigation, citing that the largest abortion provider in the United States must reveal their financial and policy paperwork or be subject to numerous fines and restrictions. In an interview yesterday on the 700 Club, Rep. Stearns discussed the influence of anti-abortion groups on his decision.

Earlier this year, Stearns requested documents from Planned Parenthood about their financial information and a number of their policies. He has since received over 130,000 signatures from Americans urging him to seize his investigation.

IVF – What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

In vitro fertilization (IVF) isn’t a topic that often crops up in pro-life circles, but I think it’s important to highlight this as an issue that affects the movement directly and has a profound impact on the way we view the dignity and value of every human life, both in and outside the womb.

The infertility industry in the United States has been a booming industry for decades, including the multi-billion dollar business of egg donation. Young girls are showered with provocative ads promising big checks and the satisfaction of helping others who aren’t able create a family by simply donating her eggs. But the lesser-publicized side of this seemingly selfless act include the deception behind coercing young donors for their eggs, exposing them to the sometimes lifelong damaging methods of extracting them, hormone overdoses, unsafe medical practices, lack of informing women of health risks attached to donating, and, all to often, no follow-up care at all. I urge anyone interested in learning more about the risks and hazards of egg donation to check out Eggsploitation, a documentary that exposes the industry’s dirty little secret.

South Dakota Upholds “Informed Consent” Law

In September, the U.S. Appeals Court for the Eighth Circuit upheld a law in South Dakota requiring doctors and health care providers to reveal specific information to their patients about abortion and the procedure. Similar to the “informed consent” law seen in North Carolina applied to women seeking abortions in the southern state, the South Dakota law included an advisory that abortion increases the risk of later suicide by the mother, which was thrown out by the 8th Circuit because they found a lack of evidence to sustain the burden of proof on that point.