…all because SFLA motivated me to “know what was going on”

Dear Kristan,

You have been such a blessing to me these past three years. I have come from a conservative family and joined the “Abolish Abortion” cause not really knowing much on the issue, besides the basic “abortion kills babies” and “Republicans are pro-life”. Because of the information well-given in the cause, because of you and the SFLA team, I have really gotten into the pro-life movement. After being on Facebook and in your cause less than 6 months, I had borrowed and read every book in my church library on abortion. I learned so much I never even knew and had no idea of, and all because SFLA motivated me to “know what was going on”. Nearly 3 years later and at 16, I now have attended my state’s pro-life camp and will be going again this year, and hope to work full time in a crisis pregnancy center for counseling. Thank you for being such a blessing, Kristan. Have a wonderful birthday, and may God continue to bless you.

Amelia Luise Haynes