Adoption Tabling

When it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, many people immediately think of two options: abortion and parenting. However, we want our peers to be well-informed about the beautiful option of adoption! By hosting an adoption tabling display, you can encourage your peers toward life-affirming alternatives to abortion, while informing them about all of the wonderful blessings that adoption has to offer!

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • “Pregnant on Campus” postcard bundle
  • “What has Roe Done?” topic cards
  • SFLA Event-in-a-Box (If hosting during National Adoption Month)
  • “Helping Her” training


  1. Reserve a space on campus.
    • Host the display for multiple days in high-traffic areas. This will allow you to interact with a wider array of students who may have different class schedules. We recommend the time slot of 9am-2pm.
    • Consider planning this display during National Adoption Month (November)!
  2. Make your Display!
    • We recommend using a tri-fold poster board. The information that you choose to put on your board can vary, but some ideas include:
      • The several types of adoption (i.e. open, semi-open, closed, etc.) and what that means for birth parents (visits, pictures, etc.).
      • The method by which birth parents can choose adoptive parents (selecting the adoptive family for your child, etc.).
      • Pregnancy and Adoption support services and agencies.
      • Adoption success stories! (these can be from the perspective of birth mothers and/or adopted children).
      • Maybe something about the families that are waiting to adopt?
      • Answer Frequently asked questions about adoption.
      • Maybe include pictures of famous people who were adopted.
    • Use bright, cheerful colors as we want to help our peers to see the beauty that can come from choosing adoption.
    • Have resources on your table- Pamphlets from local adoption agencies, flyers for local PRCs, chocolate with a note “adoption, the forgotten option” or “talk about adoption”.
    • Have a free speech board and ask people to write down how we can better support mothers who choose adoption.
  1. Create flyers.
  • Ask one of your artistic group members to create quarter or half sheet flyers for the display. Make this a mini-version of what is on your board. Not everyone will stop to read your board, but you can hand them a flyer! Put the most vital information that you want people to know about adoption on this flyer. Include adoption resources as well as your local pregnancy resource center information. Don’t forget to add ways that students can get involved with your group at the bottom (next meeting time, social media pages, email, etc.).
  1. Organize workers for the display!
    • Ask group members to sign-up in shifts to host the display. At least two members must be present at all times. Whoever oversees set up needs to arrive early to set out everything.
    • Ask your Regional Coordinator to give your group a “Helping Her” training, so that you will be well equipped to answer questions about how to best support pregnant and parenting students, and how to talk about the option of adoption.
  2. Work the display.
    • Today is the day! When you hand out the flyers to students, smile and say, “Here’s some information about our adoption display!” If someone is upset and angry, stay calm. Remember, you don’t know their story. They may have abortion in their past. You are representing your group, Students for Life of America, and the pro-life movement. Be loving, be kind, be truthful and your display will touch many people.
    • Remember that the point of tabling is so that we can talk to people! Don’t be shy to talk to your peers about why adoption is such a beautiful alternative to abortion!

Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.