Most days, pro-life students are facing an uphill battle on their liberal campuses. Take the Students for Life group at the University of Iowa in Iowa City for example. They chalked really sweet and loving pro-life messages and the abortion supporters on campus mobilized to get the school to wash away the messages.

This past Monday night, the Students for Life group at the school chalked 3,200 hearts with the message that “abortion stops 3200 hearts each day in the US” and other pro-life messages like “women deserve better than abortion” and “Students for Life supports pregnant and parenting students” AND “Smile, your mom chose life!”. The messages were chalked on the designated parts of campus where chalking is allowed.

The following day, some of the pro-life students noticed traces of water where the chalkings were. They asked the school administration what happened and found out that there were complaints and that the school had power-washed away all their chalkings.

The school said that chalkings are only allowed to advertise an event. The students noticed that not more a foot away from their own chalkings were other chalkings from the campus radio station – which were not advertising any event yet they were still allowed to remain.

So about those complaints…. well, there was an organized effort by individual pro-choice students to send in complaints to the school about the pro-life messages. The pro-abortion student wrote, in part, on Facebook that:

“THIS is violent. THIS is stigmatizing. THIS creates an unsafe environment for students on campus and we should not tolerate it.”

Really? They thought little hearts that represented those of tiny babies whose lives were taken because of abortion created an ‘unsafe environment for students on campus.’

The logic, or lack of, is baffling. Although it does follow the special snowflakes on campuses all over the country who now seem to need babysitting and safe spaces instead of obtaining an actual education so they can positively contribute to society.

Here are the Facebook screenshots from the pro-abortion student that urge members to contact the school to get those horrible, offensive pro-life messages removed from the sidewalks:

Screenshot Hawks for ChoiceScreenshot Hawks for Choice3Screenshot Hawks for Choice2

Just for context, the University of Iowa Students for Life group is continuing to be a voice for the preborn and their mothers on campus and are currently providing material and emotional support to two young mothers. Bravo!