28,000 Diapers

By Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

It was a race. A race between guys and girls. A race to raise the most diapers.

The result? 28,000 diapers, which is enough to take care of diapers for eight to ten babies for an entire year.

For the last three years, the Students for Life Club at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado, right outside of Denver, has organized a diaper drive for their local pregnancy resource centers.Regis Diaper drive2

This year it was their largest ever, up from 21,000 diapers last year. The Students for Life Club collected so many diapers that a semi-truck had to haul them away to their temporary home at either Alternatives Pregnancy Center or the Catholic Charities of Denver. Then they will be given to local families in need.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of diapers that we had and I think that the people in the club did a good job of spreading the word,” remarked club vice president Abby Kassal.

All September, diaper drive flyers covered walls, announcements filled the school newspaper, and brightly decorated tables stood in the lobbies. There was almost no way a student could have not known about the event.

Several theology professors also got on board. To encourage participation, they offered extra credit to students who donated diapers. But the best incentive was competition.

Since Regis Jesuit High School is broken into a boys and girls division, these distinctions provided the perfect arena for healthy rivalry. The result? The girls raised 13,700 diapers, but the boys won the prize, collecting 14,700 diapers.

“I was surprised that the boys got this involved,” said Kassal.

And the boy’s victory did come out of left field. At club meetings – which happen to be held in the girls division, girls far outnumber boys.

It all started three years ago, when the Students for Life club was just a year old. Lauren Castillo, then the Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for SFLA, who had originally started the club when a student at Regis Jesuit, helped the group get the diaper drive going.

But why is this diaper drive and that done by other Students for Life groups around the country so important? Kassal summed it up perfectly:

“It was really cool to just see the huge amount of diapers, put them all in the truck, and know that they’re going to families in need. Knowing that a little kid is going to have a clean diaper is such a rewarding thing.”

Regis Diaper Drive1