Democratic Leaders in the U.S. House & Senate Go After the Comstock Act, Fighting to Risk Women’s Lives & the Environment to make it Easy to Sell Chemical Abortion Pills

Kristi Hamrick - 21 Jun 2024

“Even if you support abortion, that doesn’t mean you support dumping chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains into America’s waterways, and it certainly doesn’t mean you want women’s lives and fertility risked to make a quick sale of Chemical Abortion Pills,” said Students for Life Action’s Kristan Hawkins. “Attacking the Comstock Act is an attack on commonsense. Women lose; Planned Parenthood wins.”

Students for Life Action will score this bill that advocates for medically abandoning women to the horrors of Chemical Abortion Pills.

WASHINGTON D.C. (06-21-2024) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins called The Stop Comstock Act pushed by Rep. Becca Balint (D-VT) and Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) along with a who’s who of abortion industry profiteers and Democratic Party legislators “the worst kind of political payback given the risks of Online, No Test distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills to women and to the environment. These politicians don’t care who dies as long as a baby doesn’t survive, and the abortion lobby gets paid.”

The Comstock Act is a law the prevents the mailing of things used to commit abortions – such as Chemical Abortion Pills – which is commonsense when you consider the risks of negligent distribution of the deadly two-drug concoction.

Learn more about Comstock hereIs the Biden Administration Setting up an Illegal Abortion Pill Distribution Ring?

“Women are exposed to injury, infertility, and death without the kinds of screenings like an ultrasound or blood type evaluation and treatment,” said Hawkins. “We know that abusers are using the drugs against women without their knowledge and consent, and this kind of distribution to Americans’ homes means that chemically tainted blood, placenta tissue, and human remains are flushed into America’s waterways – something that neither hospitals nor abortion vendors are legally permitted to do. The big winner of Chemical Abortion Pill trafficking is the abortion industry as they cut costs for testing, personnel, and follow up care, cashing in while they drop pills in the mail, abandoning women to whatever happens next.”

This January, Students for Life of America’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement asked registered Youth Voters whether they embraced the risks of Chemical Abortion Pills permitted by President Biden’s FDA. Almost unanimously, young voters rejected the distribution scheme that The Stop Comstock Act would permit.

MORE THAN 9 IN 10  registered youth voters said they supported in-person care to ensure abusers were not coercing women; supported ultrasound testing to check for conditions like an ectopic pregnancy, which won’t be ended by the pills; supported blood testing to ensure that women won’t be infertile from lack of care for Rh-Negative Status; and supported strong environmental protections.

“Politicians are not thinking about young voters when they call for reckless distribution of deadly Chemical Abortion Pills – they likely are thinking about the kinds of political donations possible from an industry that want to keep costs low while creating high risk for women and girls. This is a pathetic effort to keep Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry happy,” said Hawkins.

Learn more about the risks of Chemical Abortion Pills to the environment in this opinion piece from Hawkins and SFLAction Vice President of Media & Policy Kristi Hamrick here: Forget gas stoves. The big polluter is in Biden’s backyard

Learn more about the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills at THIS IS CHEMICAL ABORTION.

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