Students for Life of America Isn’t Leaving Abortion Extremists Unchecked: ALMOST ABORTED National Awareness Campaign Launches in Times Square and Nationwide  

Jordan Estabrook - 07 Jun 2024

The Pro-Life Generation (PLG) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) are entering the chat with ALMOST ABORTED as abortion-hungry Democrats use their platforms, money, and power to mislead the public about the perceived need for abortion.  

As the election heats up between President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump, so does the abortion issue. Democrats are on target to spend $200 million for advertising with $25 million of it going to abortion ads in swing states.  And don’t forget Planned Parenthood’s spending, detailed in part here, in the New York Times.

Just as SFLA countered Biden’s Kate Cox narrative, which praised the abortion of her child with Trisomy 18, during the State of the Union, we’re doing the same thing here. This time though, we’re going bigger and better.  

WATCH HERE: We Chose Life Webcast: Countering the Pro-Abortion, Kate Cox Narrative   

This summer, the Pro-Life Generation is countering their narrative through a six-figure national messaging campaign in key battle ground states– ALMOST ABORTED. Launching in New York City’s Times Square today, June 7, Hawkins will anchor a media event featuring people who were pressured to abort, conceived in rape, survived an abortion, or regretfully did abort. 

“We are coming out on the offense against the Kate Cox strategy,” said Pro-Life Generation (PLG) CEO and Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins in a press release. “(We’re) sharing stories that confront the bullying campaigns of the abortion lobby and the Biden-Harris Campaign that continuously pushes abortion as the only option.”  

The Biden-Harris Administration and their Democrat colleagues aren’t empowering women with their abortion sales pitch – they’re telling women they are weak and need abortion, and tragically exploiting the stories of mothers with hard circumstances to justify abortion through all nine months.  

Learn about the realities of late-term abortion from abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. 

This strategy deceives voters and earns these abortion-loving politicians a pat on the back from the abortion industry while padding their pockets. Their attempts to distract the public from real stories of hope and triumph by choosing life will be dulled by ALMOST ABORTED and strong impact of these stories. Regardless of a child or mother’s circumstance, we believe in a hope and future in life, not death.   

The PLG & SFLA ALMOST ABORTED Campaign includes five billboards with a six-figure buy to be featured in Florida, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri, and Arizona, as well as the digital billboard in New York’s Times Square. It also includes digital outreach and will be available for sponsorship in other states throughout the campaign cycle.   

While 14 stories will be released by the end of the summer, five stories lead the way to what happened to those who were ALMOST ABORTED

Rebecca Kiessling was conceived in rape, but her life matters. 

Kiessling’s birth mother was raped at knifepoint. She decided not to get an abortion, and Kiessling was adopted and now does pro-life advocacy work.  

Hear Rebecca’s Story.   

Angela Harders was raped and pressured to abort her child, but she’s happy she didn’t. 

Harders was raped by a friend’s relative and became pregnant. She knew abortion was wrong but was scared. When she called to make an appointment at Planned Parenthood, she was told her abortion would “get rid of her problems.” Thankfully, one other phone call to a Pregnancy Resource Center before her abortion appointment changed her mind and saved her child’s life.  

Hear Angela’s Story.  

Faith Smith’s parents were pressured to abort her because of her abnormality, but Faith’s life is full of joy. 

Smith was diagnosed in the womb with Trisomy 18. Her parents, Jesi and Brad were bullied by doctors who told them this was a fatal, fetal diagnosis, and most babies born with Trisomy 18 don’t make it to their first birthday. 15 years later, Trisomy 18 doesn’t seem so “fatal” to Smith and her parents after all.  

Hear Faith’s Story.  

Josiah Presley has deformed left arm because an abortionist attempted to abort him. Now, he’s speaking out.  

Presley’s birth mother went to get an abortion in her first trimester in South Korea where she lived. A few weeks after thinking she had “terminated her pregnancy” she realized the abortion had failed and her child was still alive. Josiah was born with a deformed left arm due to the abortion attempt and adopted into a family in the United States.  

Hear Josiah’s Story.  

Tommy Kearns’ daughter, Clementine, was aborted despite his pleas. Abortion hurts fathers, too.  

Kearns traveled three hours across Florida to tell his story to Hawkins at her “No Abortion, No Exceptions” tour stop at Florida International University (FIU). He left the room in tears as he shared his daughter, Clementine, who was aborted late-term at five months.     

Hear Tommy Kearns’ Story.  

Watch this exclusive interview with Tommy Kearns and Kristan Hawkins.    

 Stand with Fathers Hurt by Abortion HERE. 

There is a better and more hoping giving narrative than what abortion advocates have to offer. Through ALMOST ABORTED, we’re raising our voices to educate, share stories, and speak up and give value to life considered “problematic” or “abortion worthy” by pro-abortion advocates. You can pledge to become an ambassador for those almost aborted sharing the ALMOST ABORTED videos and stories 

For those needing help or information on resources for those pregnant and parenting, visit: STANDING WITH YOU.  

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