These 70 Christian Schools Are Still on the Naughty List This Year — Help Encourage Them to Embrace Life  

Caroline Wharton - 20 Dec 2023
Guest post by SFLA Director of Strategic Initiatives Michele Hendrickson

GUEST POST: This Christmas season, the Pro-Life Generation is celebrating the 697 Christian colleges and universities across the country who uphold the basic biblical principle that life begins at conception by not promoting Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry. Sadly, it’s not all yuletide and merriment: 70 other Christian schools are officially on this year’s Naughty List, having varying degrees of support for abortion or abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood easily found on their websites.    

This information comes from a newly released report by the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, which investigated all 767 colleges and universities affiliated with Christian churches in the United States throughout 2023. According to our findings, 76 — or one in ten Christian schools —maintained some type of relationship with Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.  

Considering that Planned Parenthood sells the most abortions compared with any other vendor and is proven to set up shop in college towns (with 87% of its locations within five miles or less of a college campus), it comes at no shock that the abortion giant has also crept its way into faith-based schools. What isa surprise, however? Post-Roe v. Wade, there is a growing number of Christianschool administrations, health centers, and professors willing to compromise biblical values by supporting or advertising for the abortion industry. 

In fact, according to these new findings, the number of Christian schools supporting Planned Parenthood or abortion industry directly has increased by 10% since 2021

We concluded our research in 2021 with only 69 remaining infracted schools (those found in some sort of pro-abortion relationship) but found as many as 76 infracted schools by 2023. This means that rather than celebrating the end of Roe’s tyranny, some Christian schools actually broke their silence on the issue in favor of abortion.  

Take Holy Cross College, a Jesuit Catholic college in Massachusetts, for instance. It was awarded an A+ grade in 2021; however, following the reversal of Roe, their Women and Gender Studies department used the school’s website to “condemn” the decision,  demonstrating their commitment to abortion over biblical values. 

Thankfully, not every school found with initial infractions will need to receive a lump of coal this Christmas.  

Following our personal outreach to the 76 schools, as many as eight have removed some or all connection to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. This has resulted in at least six of those schools being promoted to an A grade — that means they’re officially on the Nice List.

The goal of the Christian Schools Project is to raise public awareness of Christian schools maintaining relationships with Planned Parenthood or support for abortion so that these schools can be inspired to realign with their Christian beliefs. This is so important because we know that students’ experiences in college help to shape their mindset for life, and every person (religious or not) should be encouraged in the belief that all life is valuable and worthy of protection.  

That’s why we encourage you to take action! If you are a concerned student, parent of an enrolled student, alumni, donor, or simply a Christian who wants to keep the sanctity of life as a cherished value within our Christian schools, we invite you to click your school of interest below to send an email the school’s president and faculty.  

You can wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them that especially in this season of celebrating Baby Jesus, we should be loving and protecting all children — born and preborn.  

For a full list of the schools and why each received an infraction, please read the Full Report and Proof of Infractions documents on our Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement page.


Infraction School List 

All schools with one or more references to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry as of December 8, 2023.  

“B” Grade Infraction Schools

Christian schools with one infraction. 

1.      Allegheny College (PA), United Methodist 

2.      Capital University (OH), Lutheran 

3.      Chaminade University of Honolulu (HI), Catholic 

4.      Concordia College – Moorhead (MN), Lutheran 

5.      Earlham College (IN), Quaker 

6.      Felician University (NJ), Catholic 

7.      Guilford College (NC), Quaker 

8.      Holy Cross College – MA (MA), Jesuit Catholic 

9.      Manchester University (IN), Church of the Brethren 

10.  Mary Baldwin University (VA), Presbyterian Church 

11.  Millikin University (IL), Presbyterian Church 

12.  Monmouth College (IL), Presbyterian 

13.  Notre Dame de Namur University (CA), Catholic 

14.  Paine College (GA), Methodist 

15.  Rocky Mountain College (MT), Wesleyan Methodist 

16.  Sewanee-The University of the South (TN), Episcopal 

17.  St. Joseph’s University (PA), Catholic 

18.  Trinity Washington University (DC), Catholic 

19.  University of Tulsa Graduate school (OK), Presbyterian Church 

20.  Villanova University (PA), Catholic 

“C” Grade Infraction Schools

Christian schools with two infractions. 

1.      Albion College (MI), United Methodist 

2.      Augustana College – IL (IL), Lutheran 

3.      Blackburn College (IL), Presbyterian Church 

4.      Boston College (MA), Catholic 

5.      Carthage College (WI), Lutheran 

6.      Chapman University (CA), United Church of Christ** 

7.      De Paul University (IL), Catholic 

8.      Eckerd College (FL), Presbyterian Church 

9.      Elizabethtown College (PA), Church of the Brethren  

10.  Gustavus Adolphus College (MN), Lutheran 

11.  Hendrix College (AR), United Methodist 

12.  Illinois College (IL), Presbyterian Church 

13.  Lafayette College (PA), Presbyterian Church 

14.  Lindsey Wilson College (KY), United Methodist 

15.  Pacific Lutheran University (WA), Lutheran 

16.  Schreiner University (TX), Presbyterian Church 

17.  St. John Fisher College (NY), Catholic 

18.  Texas Christian University (TX), Disciples of Christ 

19.  University of Indianapolis (IN), United Methodist 

“D” Grade Infraction Schools

Christian schools with three infractions. 

1.      Agnes Scott College (GA), Presbyterian Church 

2.      Albright College (PA), United Methodist  

3.      Birmingham-Southern College (AL), Methodist 

4.      Central College (IA), Reformed Church in America 

5.      Cornell College (IA), United Methodist 

6.      Dillard University (LA), United Methodist/United Church of Christ 

7.      Drury University (MO), Churches of Christ (United) 

8.      Gettysburg College (PA), Evangelical Lutheran 

9.      Hamline University (MN), United Methodist 

10.  Moravian University (PA), Moravian 

11.  Ohio Wesleyan University (OH), United Methodist 

12.  Santa Clara University (CA), Jesuit Catholic 

13.  Southwestern University (TX), United Methodist 

14.  Wesleyan College (GA), Methodist 

15.  Whitworth University (WA), Presbyterian Church 

“F” Grade Infraction Schools

Christian schools with four or more infractions. 

1.      American University (DC), Methodist 

2.      Augsburg University (MN), Lutheran 

3.      Carroll University (WI), Presbyterian Church 

4.      Davidson College (NC), Presbyterian Church 

5.      Drew University (NJ), United Methodist  

6.      Duke University (NC), United Methodist 

7.      Emory University (GA), Methodist 

8.      Macalester College (MN), Presbyterian Church 

9.      Muhlenberg College (PA), Lutheran 

10.  Oklahoma City University (OK), United Methodist 

11.  Rhodes College (TN), Presbyterian Church 

12.  Roanoke College (VA), Lutheran 

13.  Southern Methodist University Grad school (TX), United Methodist 

14.  St. Olaf College (MN), Lutheran 

15.  Virginia Wesleyan University (VA), United Methodist 

16.  Wittenberg University (OH), Lutheran 

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