Kamala Harris Argues Pro-Lifers Are the Problem & Killing Babies Can Save Democracy; Let’s Look in the Mirror

Caroline Wharton - 17 Apr 2023

It might be hard to talk with your foot in your mouth for the average person, but it’s apparently become an art form for Vice President Kamala Harris as she’s gotten pretty good at saying pretty bad things about abortion — her speech at an event this past weekend is an excellent example. Following the United States Supreme Court stopping the Chemical Abortion Pill health and safety protections ordered by the Fifth Circuit Court, Harris appeared at a pro-abortion event and essentially claimed that the pro-life movement is dangerous for the country.  

The Los Angeles pro-abortion rally, organized by Women’s March Action (the political arm of the Women’s March Foundation), featured Harris as a surprise speaker — but the Vice President’s degrading comments towards pro-life Americans were less than surprising. During her speech, she lambasted the pro-life movement, claiming the Pro-Life Generation is “attacking America” and pro-life voices “attack fundamental rights…and by extension, attack our democracy.”  

The absolute irony of these statements is ridiculous — here’s why Harris needs to take a good, long look in the mirror:  

The Abortion Lobby Literally Supports Attacking Preborn Americans  

Harris needs to either pick a side or pick her words more carefully because it is the abortion lobby (of which she is a prominent member) that actually supports attacking Americans. It’s also the most vulnerable of us — those in the womb —  hat are being targeted. And in case she’s unfamiliar with the ways the abortion lobby supports attacking preborn children, this occurs through abortion methods of dismemberment, starvation, suffocation, and poisoning.  

You can learn more about these horrific and inhumane abortion procedures that actually attack Americans by clicking HERE or watching this non-graphic informational video below:  

It’s the Abortion Lobby That’s Threatening Our Democracy  

Speaking of endangering our governmental system, did Harris forget that it’s actually abortion supporters who are threatening our system? Many are calling for government agencies to ignore rulings they don’t agree with  as SFLA reported earlier

“Rules for thee, but not for me,” said the abortion lobby en masse following the Texas federal judge’s ruling on mifepristone as many actually encouraged ignoring the ruling before the Supreme Court put a hold on it — because when you don’t like a law or rule, it’s okay to just ignore it, right? Try that with speed limits and see if you like what happens (cha-ching!).   

“Abortion supporters calling for “enforcement discretion” — which is code for “biased enforcement in favor of personally held political views” — include Oregon Senator Ron Wyden who said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), doctors, and pharmacies “can and must go about their jobs like nothing has changed.”  Except that’s not how our system of government works; when laws are passed and court rulings are made, we must abide by them. The alternative is anarchy.   

That reality didn’t stop New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from also encouraging the deliberate refusal to acknowledge this ruling, ironically calling it “mockery of our system, a mockery of our democracy and a mockery of our law.” The pot sure knows how to call the kettle. South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace also concurred with “ignoring it at this point.”   

It’s not just life-affirming rulings that the abortion lobby has agreed to ignore, either. Pro-abortion attorneys general and district attorneys have also pledged to use “enforcement discretion” by ignoring pro-life laws. 

Who is really threatening our democracy here, Harris? Who is really attacking Americans? Forgive us for protecting life in law and service, but all signs of endangering our country and countrymen seem to lead directly to the abortion lobby.  

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