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Foreign Faux Pas: Biden Bemoans U.S. Abortion Restrictions While China Faces Abortion-Driven Population Crisis 

Caroline Wharton - 15 Nov 2022

In a tone-deaf message during the recent ‘Group of 20 Summit’ in Indonesia, President Biden relayed his utter dismay that his party lacks the votes possible to codify “abortion rights” into the Constitution. The President seemingly forgot that Chinese President Xi Jinping was also present at the conference — and his country, China, is currently suffering greatly from the effects of abortion. To harp on the need for more U.S. abortions in the face of China’s extreme populational crisis was both insensitive and just outright ignorant. Does Biden wish the same struggles China is facing upon the United States? Here’s what happened:  

At a recent press conference, in response to queries over whether the pro-abortion Democrat party has the power to codify abortion into the U.S. Constitution, Biden told reporters, “I don’t think there’s enough votes.” When further pressed on the issue of what pro-abortion voters could expect, he stated, “I don’t think they can expect much of anything.” 

Biden’s publicized whining and wishing that American abortion should be enshrined in our Constitution and allowed for any reason at any time absolutely overlooks the serious problem that the Chinese currently find themselves in after years of forced abortions through restrictive family policies. Fox News recently reported that China has a problem with bachelors, as there is a “surplus of an estimated 34 million men, as many families preferred to have a son over a daughter,” ensuring male offspring through the abortion of countless, preborn, female Chinese children. 

The lack of Chinese children, specifically female Chinese children, has led to various economic problems, including responsibility-strain on single children  and astronomically high “bride prices” for families hoping that their sons will be able to marry in a country which has far too few females. (For a holistic look at the many, many harms China’s one-child policy created for the country, check out a book entitled “One Child,” written by pro-abortion yet authentic journalist Mei Fong.)  

For a brief overview of the Chinese populational crisis, SFLA reported earlier:  

“China is in a shrinking population crisis, and it’s entirely their own fault. Years of unethical and inhumane child policies — which required women to abort their children — have taken toll on their numbers. After more than three decades of a one-child policy, several years of a two-child policy, and a new three-child policy, China is currently experiencing a record low birth rate—the lowest recorded since 1978.   

“Their most recent statistical yearbook showed a dramatic crisis for the birth rate—as both birth rates and marriage registrations continue in a downwards spiral. Additional, Chinese census data shows that the country only had 12 million births in 2020. For a population of more than 1.4 billion people, that is a scary number.” 

In the face of such a tragedy, you’d hope that the President of the United States and the abortion lobby would take note of how abortion can be so terrible for society in general (not to mention how it directly ends the lives of individuals themselves). This is a vain hope, apparently, as the abortion lobby is blinded by their lust for power and unable (or unwilling) to see that abortion on demand is a fast-track to China’s situation — a place none of us should want to go.  

To learn more about why we don’t “need abortion” for overpopulation, click HERE for a SFLA, myth-busting blog on the topic.  

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