Abortion Activists Drive Illinois’ Dan Lipinski from the U.S. House

Kristi Hamrick - 18 Mar 2020

WASHINGTON D.C. (03-18-2020) – Responding to news that Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski lost his bid to remain in office, Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins said: “Today, the Democratic voters in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District said that there is no place for pro-lifers in the Democratic Party, a real tragedy. Congressman Lipinski has been a stalwart defender of the most vulnerable, something that the Democratic Party used to support. But extremists have forced an abortion litmus test into a once great party that now is committed to abortion even up to and including infanticide.”

Students for Life Action worked to defend the pro-life congressman. More on that here:   

In Illinois, Pro-Life Students Contact More Than 10,000 Pro-Life Voters
in Defense of an Endangered Species – the Pro-Life Democrat


“The Pro-Life Generation stands with those who defend the most vulnerable among us, women and their preborn children,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “It’s tragic that the proud tradition of bi-partisan support for Life has almost disappeared, but SFL Action has been proud to fight for an endangered species – the Pro-Life Democrat.”

WASHINGTON D.C. and CHICAGO, IL (03-17-2020) — Students for Life Action announced this morning that they have contacted more than 10,000 pro-life voters in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District ahead of today’s March 17th primary. Pro-life Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski is facing pressure from NARAL-backed Marie Newman, who also challenged him in 2018 in the primary. Lipinski is being targeted simply for being pro-life.

SFL Action President Kristan Hawkins noted that at one time, Democrats and Republicans stood together to protect the pre-born. “It’s tragic that the proud tradition of bi-partisan support for life has almost disappeared, but SFL Action has been proud to fight for an endangered species – the Pro-Life Democrat,” Hawkins said.

Titus Folks, the National Campaigns Advisor for Students for Life Action has been leading a team of students who are on pace to knock on at least 5,000 doors in just a few days to educate pro-life voters about what is at stake. Students for Life volunteers are also set to make 7,500 phone calls to pro-life voters in the 3rd Congressional District to educate pro-life voters and remind them to vote pro-life first.

Folks stated: “The Pro-Life Generation does not care about partisanship; they want to see pro-lifers elected from both parties. They are excited to try to ensure that the voices of pro-life Democrats are heard, even as the national party tries to silence them.”

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To read more from Hawkins on the pro-life issue as one driving voters, click here for her op-ed at USA Today.

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