2017 Group of the Month in Review!:   2017 has been a LIFE changing year for Students for Life of America. We have had countless success stories from our student groups. Nearly 1200 amazing groups have been on the front lines this year and have worked tediously to bring about a culture of life to their campuses across the country. Each month, Students for Life of America recognizes one of our pro-life groups for their dedication and support of the pro-life movement. As the calendar turns to another year, we want to look back at our groups that won Group of the Month in 2017 and let them know once again how proud we are of their courage and passion for this mission. February- Union University’s group, Life139, had a phenomenal year. They certainly lived out their mission: “to promote the awareness of the injustices of abortion, inspire positive action, and equip students to defend the value of human life”. They have made it known on Union University campus that they are always open for dialogue and peaceful conversation. Life 139 participated in numerous activities such as the 2017 March for Life, Sidewalk Counseling, and a Protest Planned Parenthood Rally in Memphis that was featured on the local news. Awesome work Life139, we are so proud to have you as part of this mission! March- Queens College Students for Life pressed on to become a loud voice for the voiceless. This group became an official group in January of 2017 and knew they needed to grow their membership numbers to advance their mission on campus. They created a Cemetery of the Innocent to honor lives lost to abortion and to demonstrate the truth about abortion on their campus. After creating 3,000 “RIP” markers, they placed them on a main part of campus for all students to see. Though their cemetery was vandalized, the group did not let this discourage them. They were able to hold peaceful conversations, demonstrate how to “agree to disagree” with grace-even when a counter protest was set up. Thank you, Queens College Students for Life, for your courage to pursue your mission to protect the pre-born and love the mommies facing difficult circumstances. April- Clark College Students for Life showed their commitment of exposing the truth about abortion, for child and mother. The group participated in a 40 Days for Life vigil, attended the Northwest Leadership Summit, and equipped their group for the confrontation that was before them on their own campus. The group held a Cemetery of the Innocent display for a week, and added 50 crosses a day to represent the number of abortions that happen each day in Washington State. The event was protested, and a local Planned Parenthood Director came out to talk with the group. Shortly after, crosses from the display were crushed and stomped on by abortion advocates. Instead of becoming discouraged, that same week, the group hosted a Students for Life “Human Rights” display and tabled at their school’s Involvement Fair. Another very deserving group to win Group of the Month, way to go Clark College SFL! May- Roanoke Students for Life is unlike most of our other Group of the Month winners, being that it is a community of pro-life advocates who have come together for one purpose: abolish abortion. In May, the group reached out to women at the local Planned Parenthood in Roanoke, VA. They made gift bags for women that were considering an abortion and included an encouraging card for Mother’s Day. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, group members met at Planned Parenthood to hand out the gift bags and cards to women going into the facility. Prior to this event, the group made it a point to educate themselves about all things Planned Parenthood so that they could be prepared for what conversations could arise. Thank you Roanoke SFL for how you LOVE THEM BOTH! September- The Spartans for Life at San Jose State University doubled their group membership numbers through recruitment! This group planned out their year to make sure they were effective on their campus and in their community to spread the pro-life message. The Spartans lived up to the gritty and fast paced values of SFLA by hosting their own meetings, and having a presence at the major pro-life rallies and events in the Bay Area. Thank you, Spartans for Life for all your hard work and dedication. October- Central College Students for Life is an incredible group! They created a binder to give to every RA within the University Housing. Also, they successfully removed Planned Parenthood from university materials, and held a training session with all University RA’s to teach them how to speak with/help pregnant and parenting students. WOW! We are so grateful for your dedication to the pro-life movement. November- The homeschool group, Shield for the Unborn, came up with a great idea to host their own Chalk Festival earlier this semester! This phenomenal group in Pleasant Hill, California, hit the sidewalks in front of their local Planned Parenthood at 10 pm every night for an entire week of sidewalk chalking encouraging messages to moms-to-be. They realized Planned Parenthood saw their messages when they returned after their first night of chalking to find their beautiful messages washed away. It made it even more important to return the next night and re-chalk their messages, including references to And Then There Were None and the abortion worker help hotline. Although they are a homeschool group, Shield for the Unborn is not afraid to have a presence on their local Diablo Valley College campus. They hosted the Stop the Violence tour and stood up to the strong pro-abortion presence in the area. Pro-abortion advocates shouted profanities in the faces of these students. Thank you, Shield for the Unborn, for not letting any of these events stop you from  your mission and being a voice for the voiceless!  
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January 2, 2018