April EIB: Abortion Pill Reversal: Last month we focused on the pain and regret that women go through after they have an abortion. The regret after an abortion is sometimes an immediate realization or it could set it years, even decades, later. However, there is hope for women now that have consumed the abortion bill, RU-486, and it can now be reversed. For April’s Event-in-a-Box we have set up a complete guide for you to understand what Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) is, educate your peers on APR, and ultimately save lives with what you learn. Inside the Event-in-a-Box, you will find details about what Abortion Pill Reversal is, how it works, and where to send mothers who may want to reverse the effects of starting the abortion process. In addition to the resources inside your box, later in April, you will receive notification from your Regional Coordinator about a Sidewalk Counseling Training webinar to prepare for a sidewalk counseling event. After completing the training, schedule a day/time to go to a local abortion facility to confidently share your knowledge of APR and gathered local resources for those you meet.    Students for Life wants to provide you with plenty of resources on this topic, because guess what is happening in California? The California legislature is attempting to pass a bill, SB320, that will allow college campuses to distribute the abortion drug through their student health facilities. Why should you care about California schools? Well, the reality is, if this bill is approved, there is a chance you could find it attempting to infiltrate your college campuses as well. So, we want to make sure you are ready to defend the sanctity of human life on campus, but also be ready to assist women that take the first abortion drug and soon after regret that decision. In the Box:
  • Abortion Pill Reversal Awareness Guide
  • Abortion Pill Reversal Flyer
  • 25 Abortion Pill Reversal Drop Cards
  • 20 Fetal Development Postcards
  • 20 Pregnant on campus drop cards
  • Wear1Share1 board
For your campus outreach tool, we are partnering with Wear 1 Share 1. Please watch this short film about how you can use these pins as a recruitment tool for next semester, social media outreach, and defending LIFE on your campus. ***ATTENTION GRADUATING STUDENTS*** If you ordered an SFLA graduation cord, these pins would be great to wear on your gown as well!   If you have any questions, contact Ally Bowlin at abowlin@studentsforlife.org or contact your regional coordinator.  
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November 18, 2014