2014 National Conference Awards


We are pleased to announce the 2014 National Conference Awards!

High School Group

Branford Students for Life epitomizes the Pro-Life Generation and IS the Revolution in their town.

The High School Group of the Year was chosen because of their unbelievable resilience and courage to take a stand in an unwelcoming environment. This high school group faced incredible discrimination from their administration, fellow students, and their community, but they refused to give up and took a stand for life. While their school board considered classifying them as a hate group, they have raised over $900 for their local pregnancy center, lead their city wide march for Columbus Day, hosted a Cemetery of the Innocents, and hosted a baby shower for mother in need who chose life. The baby shower raised over $2,000 worth of essentials for the mother and her baby. Through all this, the group’s leaders have been subject to repeated personal attacks by their peers and their administration, which have only strengthened their resolve to be a voice for the pre-born and their mothers.

Best New Group

Johns Hopkins University Voice for Life is the Best New Group of the Year!

JHU Voice for Life has started a revolution on their college campus, and they have faced remarkable challenges. 1 year ago, these students faced the hostility of peers and administration.

  • Their Student Government denied them official student group status, and even compared them to white supremacists.
  • They were told that sidewalk counseling is “harassment”!
  • They were attacked in the school newspaper.
  • In response to this group’s fetal model display, fellow students held a condom-throwing, shirtless protest

These students campaigned against their SGA’s ruling, and even threatened a law suit against the university to insist that their free speech rights be protected. Pro-Life student rights were brought into the national spotlight, and their story was shared on national news by Fox News, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, George Will, Ben Carson, and more! With the help of Students for Life of America and Thomas More Law Center, this group courageously defended their right to free speech, and they were granted official student group status.

Despite continued protests from dwindling pro-abortion students, they have continued their outreach to women. This group continues to challenge their campus to talk about abortion.

  • They hosted speakers- such as Ryan Bomberger and Former Abortionist Dr. Beverly McMillan
  • They organized a Cemetery of the Innocents and Prayer Vigil
  • They held a private luncheon with Dr. Ben Carson.
  • And they volunteer at the North Baltimore Pregnancy Center.

This October, this group saved a LIFE from abortion—many thanks to a club member who was able to reach out to a Spanish-speaking patient.

Pregnant On Campus Group of the Year

We are pleased- and proud- to announce the first “Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year”— Notre Dame Right to Life.

This year, we are offering a unique award to acknowledge the efforts of one group that has chosen to love, embrace, and support pregnant and parenting students on their campus.

They have changed the rhetoric on their campus to show that pro-life is truly pro-baby AND pro-woman. They have started a dialogue of compassion and understanding, and they have taken action to assist their pregnant and parenting peers—so that no mother or father is forced to choose between parenthood and education.

In the past year, this group has…

  • advertised pregnancy help and resources through flyering, table tent campaigns, online webpages, campus discussions, and more
  • educated their members and  their student body about resources
  • hosted a resource forum and discussion to showcase positive experiences of parenting students at their university
  • addressed their Student Government and the student population about the lack of awareness of resources on campus
  • hosted a wide variety of university departments and ministries to discuss pregnant and parenting resources and support— including Campus Ministry, the Women’s Center, and Gender Relations Center
  • worked with RESIDENCE LIFE to establish better trainings for RAs

Runner up group of the year

For their creativity and determination, SFLA is pleased to announce that this year’s Runner-Up Group of the Year is IPFW Students for Life.

This year’s award goes to a truly remarkable group who has made amazing strides changing hearts, changing minds, saving lives and building a culture of life on their campus and in their community.  This past spring, in response to their University’s Women’s Studies program events which “celebrated” 40 years of Roe v. Wade they decided to hosted a month long Abortion Recovery Month, where they hosted speakers Star Parker, Georgette Forney and Does Abortion Affect Women? Panel discussion, including a panel of local social worker, OBGYN, and a nurse.  After attending last year’s 2013 National Conference they put together a perinatal hospice which they presented to Human Resources classes and the entire nursing department at their semi-annual Nursing Spectacular due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from the Department of Human Services professors.  They took part in a criminal investigation of their local abortionist which has led to a charged misdemeanor so far.  This year they hosted the second annual SFLA Indiana’s Leadership Summit. They hosted an equality event talking to their peers, and professors about equality for all humans, born and pre-born.

Group of the Year

For starting a revolution on their campus and their impact on changing its culture, this year’s Group of the Year is Bama Students for Life, from the University of Alabama!

This year’s Group of the Year award goes to a group that has taken over their campus and their town. You cannot walk on the campus without seeing their presence, from showing the images of the reality of abortion to chalking their campus to regular tabling, this group is everywhere. But they go beyond that into their town, running this past year’s 40 Days for Life campaign, which led to at least 6 baby saves. They were also the focus of a rather entertaining pro-abort fundraising scheme called “adopt an anti,” which they successfully countered with their “adopt an abolitionist” campaign. Their tactics led to coverage in Townhall, LifeNews, Catholic Vote and all over state media. And their advocacy on the state level, pushing for common sense restrictions on abortion, led to mentions of those crazy pro-lifers in RH Reality Check and the Huffington Post.

They have also given life to a Pregnant on Campus initiative that is changing the culture on campus, challenging all facets of the student body to change their attitudes. Through regular distribution of pregnancy tests, sidewalk counseling every week, serving on the board of the local pregnancy resource center, covering campus with signs of hope and creating a pregnancy resources website for the school, this group has transformed the way students on campus think about pregnancy and parenting.