SFLA to Testify and Rally in Sacramento Against Dangerous SB 320: Students for Life of America students and team leaders will be in Sacramento on Tuesday, June 26, when SFLA Pacific Southwest Regional Coordinator Camille Rodriguez testifies before the State Assembly Higher Education Committee, discussing the dangers of the SB 320, a measure that could turn taxpayer-funded university and college health centers into abortion vendors. As part of an ongoing campaign, the SFLA team will be lobbying and rallying in opposition to SB 320 to protect women from the dangerous distribution of chemical abortion drugs on college campuses (RU-486).  SFLA has hosted more than 50 events across the state, as well as meeting with legislators, talking with the media and gathering students together to work against the proposal to turn health centers on campuses into abortion vendors, despite the known risks of distributing the life-ending drugs. “This push to reconfigure the life-saving, health affirming purpose of school health centers into abortion vendors goes against the mission of the medical centers and exposes women and the schools to great risk,” said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins. “We know that women have died taking such drugs, a danger and liability that the school health centers are not prepared to confront, and this is not just a potential problem in California. Not only are there students from across the country and world attending schools in California, the bill sponsor advocates SB 320 as 'a model across the country, for every state'.” MEDIA AVAILABILITY: On Tuesday, June 26, in California, SFLA team leaders Anna Arend and Camille Rodriguez, along with California students, will be available for interview in the Capitol Rotunda at 10 a.m. prior to the hearing and available immediately the hearing, outside the hearing room, while SFLA President Kristan Hawkins is available remotely. The hearing is set for 1:30 p.m.- State Capitol, Room 447. Email Kristi at khamrick@studentsforlife.org for interviews. The abortion industry supports SB 320 in part because buried in the bill is a provision to “hire appropriate individuals or contract with an external organization or organizations to provide consultation to each public university student health center to establish plans and budgets for implementation of abortion by medication techniques. (And) Hire appropriate individuals or contract with external organizations to create and provide appropriate trainings for staff of each public university student health center.” “Through SB 320, abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood could make money with no risk and all reward, as they get a cut of taxpayer funds for consulting, while avoiding the risk if something goes wrong,” noted Hawkins. The FDA reports that such drug-induced abortions have lead to cases of extreme bleeding, infection and incomplete abortions requiring a surgery, and even to the deaths of women. The drugs are especially dangerous to women who are later in pregnancy or experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, both conditions which must be determined by an ultrasound (using equipment not usually found in a college health center.) And as the women would be sent to their dorms to experience extreme bleeding, the schools would be confronted with the issues of blood and tissue clean up on site as well as the potential need for blood transfusions if a life threatening situation arose. To learn more about our efforts, please visit nocampusabortions.com. You can also read about the dangerous nature of the drugs here, and about how abusers have used the drugs to end the lives of infants without a mother’s knowledge or consent. To watch a video of Anna Arend, Northern California Regional Coordinator testifying in the state Senate about the measure, please visit here.
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May 2, 2012